Recently, I received some feedback, many friends for the enterprise investors in the enterprise business license, to the enterprise can issue invoices, what things need to be completed is not very clear, next I will introduce the bank to open a basic account information for everyone.

Handle The Basic Bank Account

Every company, need a bank basic account, it is the RMB that every company must have basic settle accounts. In addition to the company’s daily payment and collection, this account will generally become the designated account for the tax deduction of the tax bureau and the social security bureau.

Although most of the settlement can be done through the basic online banking account, some special affairs, such as the change of company information, cash withdrawal, foreign exchange settlement and sales, still need to be handled manually at the counter.

Therefore, star or suggest investors to choose near the company’s office location or investors for more convenient areas. In addition, from the bank fees, the large Banks will be more expensive, while some small and medium-sized Banks will generally be relatively low fees.

In terms of service efficiency, small and medium-sized Banks have more service experience of small and medium-sized enterprises and have higher efficiency.

Of course, it is not to say that cannot open large bank certainly, specific still decide according to investor demand, handle affairs convenient still serve as decid – ing factor.

If the customer chooses to let the financial company act as the cashier, the financial company can also choose the bank they are most familiar with to open an account, so as to facilitate the bank service of the financial company in the future.

Usually, the following basic information is involved in opening a bank account:

1. Original copy of business license

2. Official seal, financial seal and legal person seal

3. Original legal person id card

4. Original identity card of the handler

5. Contact information of legal person and large amount transfer contact person (fill in the mobile phone must be real and effective, the bank will call to confirm)

6. Articles of association (according to bank requirements)

7. Business address lease contract of the company (this contract is mainly for the virtual registered enterprise, generally providing the share-owned house or the actual office space lease contract).

After obtaining the bank account opening license, it indicates that the account has been opened successfully. The basic account opening time is generally about 7~10 days. After the license to open an account is obtained, you can apply to the bank for the relevant matters of USB key for online banking.

Upon completion of the basic account opening, a tripartite agreement shall be signed with the tax bureau, the social security bureau and the provident fund management center respectively.

After sig ning and input online, automatic deduction can be realized. Look from handling a case at present, besides accumulation fund first deduct money to need manual counter pay, revenue and social security bureau can be signed in tripartite agreement hind, deduct pay directly, very convenient enterprise.

According to the different functions of bank accounts, in addition to basic accounts, there are general accounts, foreign currency capital accounts, foreign cur – rency settlement accounts, foreign debt accounts and asset realization accounts. These accounts have different functions. According to the special business of the enterprise.

For example, foreign-funded enterprises need to open a special foreign debt account to collect foreign debt when they borrow foreign debt. Specific functions can also be required to consult the bank account manager.

Matters needing attention

Here are a few things to note:

1) Now almost all Banks need to make an appointment to open an account, and the appointment can be made directly by the handler to the bank or after checking the bank phone number. In terms of efficiency, the successful rate of the handler’s appoint – ment with the bank or with a familiar customer manager is higher.

2) The company that Shanghai opens, the bank that basic door place opens can choose the bank inside limits of Shanghai area only, cannot open different ground to go!

3) Some foreign Banks and commercial Banks in other cities may not be qualified for the tax deduction of Shanghai tax bureau and the special deduction account of social security bureau. It is better to ask the bank account manager in detail before opening the account